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Bathroom Mode kick off 2012 with a product night for the Queensland Interior Decorators Association. Refer to page 8 of Tailored Art eNewsletter

Cove Magazine December - January 2012

Bathroom elegance

"Featuring a stunning variety of chic interior and bathroom products...."



Brisbane Indesign event

Indesign Back in Brisbane

Brisbane's architecture and design community came together on Tuesday 6 December to celebrate the end of the year and the upcoming return of Brisbane Indesign in 2012.


Style Magazine December 2011

Bathing Beauty

"Change bathroom layouts and design by dressing and decorating bathrooms using eye-catching centrepieces."


Unique Elegance for All Occasions

Colleen Gorbacz turns practical spaces into an environment of unique elegance

Colleen Gorbacz‟s dynamic and creative career has inspired her to launch Bathroom MODE. Combined with her technical experience and an eye for fashion and interior design, her effortlessly chic bathrooms have made her the hottest property for turning practical spaces into an environment of unique elegance.

With vast experience spanning 15 years in the industry as a home renovator, cabinet manufacturer, and in Real Estate, Colleen became increasingly concerned about the sterile and uninteresting bathroom trends in Australia, stating “Australia is far behind the rest of the world as far as bathrooms go.” The extent of changes she has commonly seen has merely been variations in laminate colours, patterns and increasing labour costs.