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Colleen Gorbacz talks how to renovate a bathroom, bathroom design idea's, vanity units and bathroom furniture with Ian Thomason on the Live Property TV channel.


New Venetian Collection 2012

The Venetian collection is inspired by the traditional elegance of turned solid wood features, and delicate mirrored finishes proposing suggestive alternatives in bathroom living.

The exquisite details of the “Venetian” style are a renaissance of the magnificent opulence of the Eighteenth century era, making your bathroom a protagonist in your home.


Contemporary Wood Collection 2011 - 2012

Fusions of traditional wood add luxury to bathroom furniture.

The idea of wood in the bathroom seems absurd, however wood can easily be accommodated in this room, even when wet.


Classic Claw foot tubs

Clawfoot tubs with classic gooseneck clawfoot tub faucets are probably the most sought after bathtub for both modern and vintage style bathroom designs.


There are many clawfoot bath tub styles to choose from, including; raised or ‘slipper’ style tubs, double ended clawfoot tubs, as well as small sized and pedestal mount clawfoot tubs.



Accessorising with a Claw foot

Add accessories to your bathroom that work with the vintage feel of the claw-foot tub.

An elegant chandelier hung above the tub draws attention to it while also providing adequate lighting in the room. Install or hang a wood shelf near the side of the tub if you place it along one wall. Decorate the shelf with candles, fresh flowers and antique glass bottles.

Place a single antique chair in one corner of the room and use to display folded towels. Use a silver bathtub caddy that stretches across the tub, displaying the items you use everyday.