Contemporary Wood Collection 2011 - 2012

Fusions of traditional wood add luxury to bathroom furniture.

The idea of wood in the bathroom seems absurd, however wood can easily be accommodated in this room, even when wet.

Offering a tranquil atmosphere with earthy colours, this stunning new wood collection makes for a modern, yet classical bathroom look.

These new bathroom furniture designs inspire a contemporary style by combining a modern design with wooden art. The integration of the texture of wood gives a subtlety and beauty to the intricate carved patterns and designs, and goes great with any colour scheme.

Wood has conquered its place in the bathroom showcasing simplicity and well-being. Compared to ceramic or stone, wood does present as a more binding feel in a bathroom. The use of wood, a hot material, blurs the sensation of cold stone or tile and is by far very effective to establish a natural environment anywhere in the house.

In addition to being hygienic, this solution does not require special maintenance effort because it is relatively easy to clean, plus regularly ventilating a wood bathroom helps to prevent mould.

You will be surprised to experience the atmosphere of a luxurious bathroom and elegance, with the natural feel of wood.

View our latest video on the fresh new contemporary bathroom vanity and cabinet designs for 2011/2012.